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Tabitha’s Way North Pantry

Local Team

Kurt Nydegger

Operations Manager

Marisol Valadez

Client Relations Manager

Kara Smith

Community Relations

Lucas Wallace

Warehouse Manager

Michael Carter

Co-Founder and

Al Switzler

Co-Founder and


Mike Carter and Al Switzler had been involved with helping women and children in multiple nations get out of poverty for years. As they researched what they could do locally, they were informed by the Utah Food Bank that one of the greatest needs in Utah was for a food pantry in North Utah County.

Mike and Al partnered with Wendy Osborne and co-founded Tabitha’s Way Local Food Pantry in American Fork, Utah, in July 2016. Starting with 3500 sq.ft., Tabitha’s Way now has over 12,000 sq. ft. Tabitha’s Way Local Food Pantry, located at 920 East State Road in American Fork, provides food assistance to the food insecure in North Utah County, from Lindon to Cedar Fort.

Financial Statements & Other Non-Profit Documents

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